bea-ordering-guidelines.jpgOrdering Guidelines for Beaumont School.

1. View items on website Add desired items to cart and "Check out"
2. Enter your own address as the "Bill to Address" and the School Address as the "Ship to Address" if you want your order to be shipped to the school free of charge. School address: 5880 BETSWORTH AVE, WINNIPEG, MB R3R 0J7.
3. Note that some schools may not allow “Shipping to School” option and/or have special delivery dates/arrangements.
4. Due to the nature of made-to-order products, with your school logo, please allow 6-8 weeks for the completion. If there is an "Order deadline" specified in the web store home page, then your orders will be delivered 3-4 weeks after the web store is closed. Every attempt is made to get your order sooner where possible.

Any further questions please email your questions to: or call 1-877-439-9400.
Due to the nature of custom clothing we have provided a set of samples to the school. We cannot be responsible for incorrect sizes being ordered.
Every attempt is made to ensure stock availability. However due to circumstances beyond our control our suppliers may have stocking issues, sometimes substitutions are made with equal or better options. You will be advised.
Mock-ups on the sites are only approximations of how the final product will look. Due to different sizes and proportions actual finished apparel may look different.

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