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Why Choose Us: 

Here at Marchant’s, we take pride in contributing to the well being of students and their performance in school and on the field. Students succeed both academically and socially by being actively involved in physical health education. For over 40 years Marchant’s has been in the business of creating sporting goods consisting of quality apparel and equipment helping students achieve this goal. 

In order to make it even easier for the physical health educators, principals and coaches we have come up with an innovative and hassle free approach to implementing spirit wear programs in your schools. The newly introduced online spirit wear program will eliminate your stress of having to deal with money, cheques, or paperwork since we drive the process for you. 


  • Eliminates hassle of dealing with money, cheques and questions from students during spirit wear programs. We handle that all for you; FREE of charge. 
  • Reduce time dealing with money and paperwork, more time focusing on your student's success.
  • Convenience is one click away, have your school apparel arrive directly to you.
  • Using the latest technology to insure you get your design made the way you want.
  • Help staff members who care in your students well being and spirit.
  • Increasing school spirit has never been easier.
  • Students can choose from variety of products and pay securely online. You don’t have to handle cash, cheques, NSF cheques. 
  • Most of all it is a FREE service that does not cost anything to the school.

How doesschoolwear-ca-logo.jpg program work?

We have made it easy for you to get your spirit school wear site started right away.
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  • Simply fill up the form below (or click here) and send us your contact information so your your account manager to get in touch with you to discuss the product offering and the decoration options. Our knowledgeable sales consultants can answer any of the related questions you have. 
  • Choose products from our extensive line of product offering.
  • We present top of the line customizations for products such as Under Armour, adidas, Russell, Gildan and many more.
  • Once the products and decoration details are discussed we create an attractive, user friendly Spirit Wear webstore for your school consisting of the products you have chosen.
  • When we launch the web store we will have marketing material (pamphlets, posters) prepared to spread the word
  • Students/parents choose products and pay for the orders online.
  • An order confirmation will then be sent to the customer. 
  • We start processing and decorating the garments using the latest technology upon receiving the order.
  • Student/parent will be notified via email when the order has been shipped.

We work for you, giving you the best service and goods at great prices. Let your students be proud to represent your school. 


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